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Snow in Watford

Snowy Watford in December 2017

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…. Its been a longtime in waiting for a decent snow fall in Watford, more than 7

Watford Weather – June 2016

Surprisingly so June has been a warm month finishing off 1.1c above the CET average. It has been the warm nights which has kept the

Watford Weather – March 2016

It has been an interesting month of weather on the UK with the final figures for the March taking it just below average. It was

Autumn 2014 weather in Bromley

My first autumn in Bromley, has been a warm wet one. In England as a whole this will be the 3rd warmest in the 356

Weather Summary for Watford in 2013

Summary for 2013 Temperature (°C):Mean (1 minute) 10.3Mean (min+max) 10.6Mean Minimum 6.4Mean Maximum 14.9Minimum -5.8 day 16/01Maximum 33.3 day 22/07Highest Minimum 20.0 day 22/07Lowest Maximum