Events & Workshops

Our workshops/events occur each month in Watford or London. We have also teamed up with London Photography Group to bring more events to London.

Look out for more exciting events during the year.

If you are interested in photography and want to try something new, sign up for one of my workshops/events/shoots/photo walks, we will be running during the year. Sign up by going through to the Meetup website. This is the place to be notified of events when they get put live.

There will also be many more model photography shoots that people have been asking for.

To join the Watford Photography Meetup, click the button below. You will then see a list of the current events running, and you can signup by clicking the ticket link below to find out more information.

Watford Photography Meetup

Find out about our many events around Watford. To join, click below.

London Photography Group

Find out about our many events around London. To join, click below.

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