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Watford Weather in October

What a month October was this year it can be summed up in one word wet. There was record rainfall across the country, on the 3rd it was even the wettest day ever recorded in the UK since records began in 1891. The temperature was average with a CET of 10.45c which is -0.1c below…

Weather in November 2019

Its been very wet the last month across the UK and fairly cool with the CET coming out below average at 6.2c which is -0.3c below the long term average. This was the 2nd month in a row that this has occurred, low-pressure systems have rattled across the UK and we even had the remnants…

Watford Weather October 2016

October across the UK ended up being a dry month with average temperatures. The month was dominated by high pressure with a few warm spells at the beginning. The highest temperature in the UK was 22.2c on the 31st October. The CET ended up at 10.89c which is just above average, April is the only…

Summer returned this week but won’t last too long. It has been the coldest start to September since 1965. A few days of warmth then autumn storms one after the other next week.

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