Watford Weather October 2016


October across the UK ended up being a dry month with average temperatures. The month was dominated by high pressure with a few warm spells at the beginning. The highest temperature in the UK was 22.2c on the 31st October.


The CET ended up at 10.89c which is just above average, April is the only month this year which has been below average. It also looks like Scotland will have their sunniest and driest Octobers since records began.

Looking towards the rest of November the computer models are showing a much colder outlook. With northerly / easterly winds. The areas most likely to see snow is in the east and possible the SE of England.


In Watford the month has been quite dry compared to the previous month. With 22 dry days. Its been a coolish month compared to September with the maximum temperature of 18.7c at the beginning of the month. There was no frost this month.

Summary for Watford 2016

Temperature ©:
Mean (1 minute) 11.3
Mean (min+max) 11.7
Mean Minimum 8.0
Mean Maximum 15.4
Minimum 3.7 day 10
Maximum 18.7 day 04
Highest Minimum 11.9 day 16
Lowest Maximum 11.8 day 30
Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month 21.0
Wettest day 8.4 day 15
High rain rate 10.8 day 15
Rain days 9
Dry days 22

Wind (m/s):
Highest Gust 4.1 day 18
Average Speed 0.1
Wind Run         139.5 km
Gale days 0

Pressure (mb):
Maximum 1021.5 day 28
Minimum 996.2 day 14

Days with snow falling 0
Days with snow lying at 0900 0


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