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Weather in March 2021

After the cold of February, March was a slow burner, it got warmer. Easterly winds from the continent resulted in a cool start to the month in the UK. It ended up with a pulse of warm air from Africa. This enabled the 2nd highest temperature recorded in the UK during March at Kew Gardens….

Weather in April 2020

Its been a record month for sunshine across the UK which makes a change from the start of the year. April showers didn’t appear until the last two days of the month. With the country on lockdown, it has been so tempting to head for the beach, you just know when the lockdown finishes it…

Greenwich Cherry Blossom Avenue

Its the start of the peak season of cherry blossom, which is one of the spectacular sights of spring. In Greenwich park at the far end near Blackheath road is the Cherry blossom avenue inside the park. After the amazing heat wave we just had the blossom has suddenly burst out after the every cold…

Watford Weather – April 2016

It has been another interesting month with much colder than usual weather. With quite a few frosts and snow falling. It has been a significantly cooler month when comparing to the start of the year. The CET (Central England Temperature) should finish around 7.5c which is 0.4c below average. This would make it the first…

Watford Weather – March 2016

It has been an interesting month of weather on the UK with the final figures for the March taking it just below average. It was quite a change from the mild winter. We also had snow falling for a few days at the beginning of the month. The Watford statistics are below but I recorded…

The flowers this spring seem more vibrant this year. Maybe it is the lovely weather we are having although its back to cold and wet next week. #watford #cassioburypark #spring #flowers (at Cassiobury Park)

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