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Weather in May 2021

A month of contrasts in the UK compared to April the rains returned and some places had a deluge. It was still cold but warm in the sun which made some of the days feel better. May ended up being the coldest May since 1996 in the UK and the 4th wettest since 1862. I…

Weather in March 2021

After the cold of February, March was a slow burner, it got warmer. Easterly winds from the continent resulted in a cool start to the month in the UK. It ended up with a pulse of warm air from Africa. This enabled the 2nd highest temperature recorded in the UK during March at Kew Gardens….

Weather In January 2021

A cold start to the month across the UK with snow in places and mid-month storm Christoph brought about lots of rain to central England. A lot of rivers broke their banks and there were quite a few severe flood warnings. Some in places that rarely had them like for instance around Bedford and Manchester….

Watford weather in November

November has been a windy and mild month with winds coming up from the south-west the majority of the time. November ended up being a much warmer than average month by 2.0c finishing at 8.4c on the CET and UK wide it was the 6th warmest November since 1884. UK Stats The highest temperature was…

Watford Weather In September

Its been a tale of two halves this month with a warmish first half and then it tailed off to become quite cold. At one stage during the month the CET was around 15.5c during the final week. This then plunged to finally finish at 13.9c which was 0.3c above the long term average. The…

Weather in May 2020

What a month it has been with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures you could have been mistaken it was July. A record-breaking month as well with the sunniest May on record and smashing it by quite a bit and amazingly it was the sunniest month on record. It was also the driest month, more about…

Weather – August 2019

August has been another strange month which has continued the pattern of rather cool and wet and then some very warm weather for the last week to 10 days. In the SE it has been high pressure dominated with the NW being wetter with Atlantic systems continuously brushing the coast. The end of the month…

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