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Winterfest at Wembley 2019

Winterfest describes itself as Christmas in Technicolour! This is the first time Winterfest has been held in Wembley and it transforms some of the places around Wembley Stadium into an immersive technicolour playground. There are 11 light and sound installations, unique artworks dotted around the area, a useful trail map is provided around the area…

Open House London my visit in 2016

It is the annual event where lots of buildings are open to the public over a September weekend. One of my favourite weekends of the year, you have to get up early and expect to queue as some of the buildings are very popular. I have visited most of the popular buildings over the years…

The Ox and Chambers celebrating 2nd trophy in a few months. Lots more photos on my flickr. #igerslondon #wembley #charityshield #arsenal #gooners #london #igerslondonsummeroflove #football

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