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Fireworks welcome in 2020 in London

Welcome to 2020! a new decade was welcomed in on a mildish night in London to millions of people on the streets. The fireworks were amazing as usual despite the keen northerly wind blowing the smoke into our faces. It therefore only gave a short time to take decent photographs. Hope everyone has a successful…

Fireworks in St Albans

An amazing evening of fireworks in St Albans easily one of the best and longest fireworks displays I have seen. It was in the historical city of St Albans with its cathedral and Abbey. Even though I live Watford which is quite close to St Albans this is the first time I have visited their…

More fireworks at the #tallshipsfestival in #greenwich i especially like how the patterns came out on this long exposure. #igerslondon #london #fireworks #longexposureoftheday #longexposure #lazyshutter #slowshutter (at Island Gardens – Isle of Dogs)

Some more fireworks, looks like there should be more on Saturday. #london #igerslondon #tallshipsfestival #thames #fireworks #greenwich #longexposure #longexposureoftheday #lazyshutter #slowshutter

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