Rochester sits on the Medway river about 30 miles from London in the county of Kent. It was @igerskent first Instagram walk joined by @igerslondon exploring the town of Rochester. 

Some of the sights to see are the Cathedral, castle & priory plus the walks along the river Medway.

The current cathedral was built in the medieval period 1080 AD.

It was my first visit to the town which is around 40min on the train from London Victoria. Easy to get to, first impressions is of a classic town with a bustling main high street going up to the castle.

The castle was built in 1250AD, you can go up to the top. The Keep or tower is one of the best preserved in England. In the medieval times it helped protect the South East’s coast from invasion.

Rochester used to be a city from 1211 to 1998 AD it was unique in being a city without any council or mayor.

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August 9, 2015



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