Oasis amongst the concrete jungle

Amongst the concrete jungle of London lies an oasis of greenery in unexpected places. Last weekend I went to the Barbican Conservatory in north London with the Instagramers London photo walk. 

The Barbican itself is an amazing warren of interesting buildings with different styles which I always love visiting. At the top of the main Barbican building in Silk Street is the Conservatory and it is free to go in.

It is a tranquil place, an oasis with various different tropical plants plus lots of cacti at the top of the green house structure. There is even a pond which is shown above.

Some lovely flowers are currently blooming.

More of my photographs can be found on my Flickr, definitely a place to visit to relax even the wifi works well in there. If you are looking for places to go and people to meet check out the Instagramers London page on meetup. They are a lovely bunch of people.


More Flickr photographs – httpss://

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Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth

Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth

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