Moon path, how it was done

Taken with 5 minute intervals between each photograph. Then combined together in Photoshop to produce the final photograph.

The individual photographs were taken on a tripod with a 55 to 300mm lens. Once the camera was focused on the moon the auto focus was turned off.

Manual setting was selected on the camera with the ISO at 100. Next the shutter speed was set at 1/6 of a second as the moon is very bright and at F18.

So that the camera didn’t move during the taking of the individual shots a remote was used to trigger. The camera is positioned so the moon is in the bottom corner of the frame.

Each individual shot was then triggered by the remote every 5 minutes. The photographs were then loaded into Photoshop as individual layers and then combined using the multiply setting.

Hope you enjoyed the picture of the moon. Any questions list them in the comments below.


Tulip fields with Julia

May Events 2024

As one of the most colourful times of the year unfolds, we’re greeted by the delightful blooms of wisteria and a palette of early summer beauty. This month promises a return of warmer weather and a host of exciting events tailored for everyone.

Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth

Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth

Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive exhibition is at the Serpentine North Gallery until 7th April 2024. Dive into the heart of nature reimagined through the lens of machine intelligence at Refik Anadol’s groundbreaking exhibition, Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive.

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