May 2013 – Weather statistics for Watford



May has continued the series this year of yet another below average month coming in at 10.3c CET -1.4c below.

After a warm start to the month it gradually started getting colder to the extent that some parts of the country had a covering of snow. Notable in Devon and Shrewsbury. At the end of the month temperatures recovered to average. This month has also been quite windy especially on the 14th with a low pressure of 984mb here.

Spring 2013

Has ended as the coldest spring in the CET area since 1891 which is remarkable in the warming trends that have been going on for the last decades. We are definitely in a cooling period in the UK for the last few years where the seasons have got colder. The CET area goes back to 1659 look at the link at the bottom of this post for more information.

June 2013

Looking towards the rest of June the beginning is looking summery for at least the next 10 days. Enjoy it while it lasts as it does look like it will become unsettled wet, cool & windy.

May statistics from my weather station in Watford

Temperature (°C):

Mean Minimum     6.9
Mean Maximum     16.8
Minimum          1.7 day 15
Maximum          25.1 day 07
Highest Minimum  11.9 day 20
Lowest Maximum   9.7 day 24
Highest Dew Point 13.8 °C at 17:08 on 20 May 2013
Lowest Dew Point -9.4 °C at 09:42 on 02 May 2013
Highest Humidity 99 % at 09:21 on 08 May 2013
Lowest Humidity 22 % at 17:28 on 27 May 2013
Highest Daily Range 17.4 °C on 06 May 2013
Lowest Daily Range 2.4 °C on 29 May 2013
Air frosts       0

Rainfall (mm):

Total for month  52.2
Wettest day      11.1 day 14
High rain rate   349.2 day 02
Rain days        15
Dry days         16

Wind (mph):

Highest Gust     21.3 day 09
Average Speed    0.0
Wind Run         31.9 miles
Gale days        0

Pressure (mb):

Maximum          1020.1 day 01
Minimum          984.7 day 14

* Climate UK –
Met Office –

The picture above was taken in Suffolk.

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