12 Best photographs each month in 2014

Here are my best photographs taken each month in 2014. Let me know what you think is the best in the comments below. Also available as a calendar in January 2015.

On another blog I will be listing the best photographs I think I have taken for the whole year.

January – St Pauls, Reflections

One of my best photographs which was on display in an exhibition at London Bridge for the last 6 months. It ended in December 2014.

February – Zara mcfarlene, singing the blues

Taken at XOYO in London at her latest new album launch.


March – Lady bird, hiding

In March spring arrived very early after a mild winter the ladybirds were out and  hiding in the anemone flower.


April – Olympic park, reopening

The Olympic park in East London was re opened to the public in April. It had been renovated for the last 2 years in which it was closed after the successful Olympic games in 2012.


May – Little elephants, cute

Cute little elephant ornaments in a shop in Portabello road.


June – Brazil Day, World Cup

First day of the world cup in Brazil with a celebration in Trafalgar square.


July – Deer, Bushy Park 

My first photos of deer taken in west London’s Bushy Park, they were very tame and came up to you to have your lunch.


August – Aliens Revisited

Long exposure taken in Green Park, London. With some of my friends at a photography social.


September – Tall ships Festival, Greenwich

The festival of tall ships held in Greenwich and the surrounding area of the Thames.


October – Ghosts of Piazza Del Duomo, Pisa

The photo was taken this year in Pisa, Italy at the Piazza del Duomo. I took the photo on a 10 second exposure with people walking past me. There was some works going on the other side of the path so half of it was blocked off. This meant that the orange street lights were being reflected off the boards and onto the people creating a ribbon of colour which created a nice surprise.


November – Fireworks, Lord Mayor of London

The annual fireworks on the Thames for the Lord Mayors show.

December – Christmas, Oxford Street

The beautiful lights of London all sparkling for Christmas down Oxford Street. The photograph was taken using long exposure giving the light trails.


You can find my photos available as prints on Redbubble & pixels.com.

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January 2, 2015



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