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Aubretia Dance Studio

Big Dance in Watford 2021

What a great day in Woodside Park, watching the various dancers and singers perform on stage in front of 100s of people. Some of the performances were Flawless (Britain’s Got Talent finalists), JiveSwing Hoppers, Charlie’s Angels, Aubretia Dance Studio, My Favourite Things and performances from local schools. Jiveswing.Com had curated a day promoting a diverse…

Chinese New Year 2020 at Watford Intu

Its the Chinese New Year on Saturday and the start of the celebrations began in the Watford Intu shopping centre last Saturday 18th January. Beautiful dance, music and martial arts curated by Ms Lijun Bi from the Aubretia Dance Studio with performances also from Portsmouth Dance Group. Happy New Year! It will be the year…

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