Photography – Best of 2017

Its that time of the year again when you look back to see which photographs you took over the last 12 months. This year has flown by and it has been an excellent year in my photography journey. With many adventures, two exhibitions, photos published in the media! Being happy with what I do is my main goal, as this is my relaxation & fun time, to break up my time from a design agency which I also run. I have been managing to do blog posts, 5 or 6 times a month and it hasn’t become a chore, because I really enjoy it. I have had lots of visitors & feedback, on my social media platforms. Below is a list of my most popular posts, on various platforms, plus further down I show my best images each month.


This shot, I took on the first cold morning of the autumn season, in Bushy Park, London. With a deer creeping up on a photographer.

Engagement Stats : 12,000+ likes and comments.

The hunter became the hunted
The hunter became the hunted


I love Instagram, with its ease of use and its interactions. It is my favourite social media app and where I spend the most time posting and interacting.

My most popular post of the year, in terms of engagement, was taken on Valentines day with the pink London eye.

Engagement Stats : 436 likes and comments.

London Eye with love
Valentines eye with love

Below are some more interesting stats about my followers on Instagram.

Gender : 51% female

Top 3 home locations : London, Watford, Moscow

Age : 25 – 34


This is where I upload most of my photographs, especially when I do events or client shoots. I normally link the albums to my blog post. This year I have gone over half a million views with my most popular photograph, of Paddington bear at St Paul’s having 10,524 views.

Paddington Bear
Bear in the wood On the Paddington bear trail in front of St Pauls.

Google Guides

This is to do with Google maps, I am currently level 6, aiming to get to level 8 next year. My most popular photograph is of a football match, at Watford v Arsenal, back in 2014 with an amazing 720,000+ views. The benefits from being on Google Guides, is that you occasionally receive special offers and invites, to places of interest.

Watford v Arsenal
720,000+ views on Google maps

My Photography Year 2017

I have been applying for various press passes, to many events, of which lead often to being recognised and selected, to go on photography adventures, around 8 to 10 times a month. This year I have taken over 19,702 photographs, which is a couple of 1000 less than 2016. Below I have selected one of my favourites from each months, if you click on each month (coming soon), individually, you may see further photographs.


Ova - Winter Festival
Ova – Winter Festival


London Eye with love
Valentines eye with love


Towards St Paul's Cathedral
Towards St Paul’s Cathedral


Sunset on Worthing Beach
Beautiful sunset on Worthing beach


Young chick
Young gosling in the spring sunshine


Cassiobury Park Hub
Opened this year the Cassiobury Park Hub


Chelsea Pensioners on parade


Ballet on the Thames
Ballet on the Thames


Red sun
Sun went red from the Sahara dust


Walthamstow Nature Reserve
Nature reserve opens


Lord Mayors Fireworks
Lord Mayors Show Fireworks


London Ethnic Boutique opened in December

My goals at the beginning of the year was to do the following…

  • take more shots for stock photography,
  • relaunch my website / blog
  • putting my prints up for sale
  • do a couple of exhibitions
  • take more video to be used in 2018.

All of which I have done so, onwards and upwards into the next year.


This coming year is where I shall put myself out there more. Doing workshops and creating more videos, for my YouTube channel, I will also do a couple more exhibitions and increase, the amount of photographs for sale on my website. Look out for more information, on these at the beginning of 2018.

Thanks for reading, wish all my readers a Happy New year and that you accomplish, your goals in 2018.


Christmas Tree

December Events 2023

The last month of the year is upon us; I hope you have had a good year. I certainly have, with lots of projects bearing fruit and with lots more planned for 2024. It was the first year I shot over 110,000 photos and attended plenty of events that I still think I have been lucky to attend.

November Events 2023

As the chill in the air deepens and the nights embrace us earlier each day, this is the time of the year when the skies burst alive with the dance of fireworks and our streets become a canvas of twinkling Christmas lights, there are plenty of lights switching on this month. from Oxford Street to Watford Town. Which are all great to photograph.

October Events 2023

October has arrived, and after a record-warm September, will the month continue in the same way? There are lots of events listed below, some of which I will be covering at various press photocalls. Look out for an article later this month on how to get into these events. My annual calendars are nearly ready to be sent to the printers; they will be added to my website in the 2nd half of the month. There will be four calendars: Watford, Fashion, London and my favourite photos from the last 12 months.


  • Sale! Photographic Calendar 2024

    Photographer Andrew Lalchan 2024 Calendar


    Photographer Andrew Lalchan 2024 Calendar


    Embark on a visual odyssey through 2023 with the enchanting calendar crafted by photographer Andrew Lalchan. Andrew’s 2024 calendar is more than a mere collection of photos; it’s a journey, a world of awe-inspiring beauty captured through the lens of an artist.

    This 2024 calendar is out on the 10th of November, 2023. There will only be a short run, so grab them while you can.

    An A4 portrait calendar hangs on the wall, printed on  300gsm gloss Eco Premium paper with front cover gloss laminate.

    Size : 210mm x 297mm



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  • Sale! Digital Downloads

    Digital Download


    Digital Download


    Digital download of one of my photographs.

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  • Cassiobury Park Fireworks

    Cassiobury Park Fireworks 2017


    Cassiobury Park Fireworks 2017


    The stunning display of fireworks this year would make an ideal gift from Watford.

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  • Lord Mayor Show Fireworks

    Lord Mayors Fireworks Show


    Lord Mayors Fireworks Show


    Looking towards St Paul’s Cathedral along the Thames when the Lord Mayors Show Fireworks took place.

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  • London Eye with love

    London Eye with love


    London Eye with love


    An iconic feature of the London skyline it especially looks good when the colour changes as it does during valentines week.

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  • Rose drop

    Rose drop


    Rose drop


    Rain drops on roses

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