Peace Hospice at Twisted Monkey

On the 27th October the Peace Hospice Care held its latest networking event. This was my first time in Twisted Monkey it definitely looks fab inside with some interesting themed rooms.

It was a lunch time event and businesses across Watford met up to network and hear from Jonathan Field who is

Head of Branch John Lewis Watford did a talk on embracing change and never staying still.

Always evolving is the best policy when running a business which I agree. As your customers are always changing.

These are regular free business networking meetings that are arranged by the Peace Hospice Care. Find out more on their website about their next events.

The event was also supported by WatfordBID.



Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth

Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth

Refik Anadol: Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive exhibition is at the Serpentine North Gallery until 7th April 2024. Dive into the heart of nature reimagined through the lens of machine intelligence at Refik Anadol’s groundbreaking exhibition, Echoes of the Earth: Living Archive.

April Events 2024

From the whimsical dance of cherry blossoms to the proud stance of tulips and the delicate carpet of bluebells, our surroundings are bursting into a kaleidoscope of colours. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast eager to capture the ephemeral beauty of spring or simply someone who delights in the joy of meandering through floral marvels, this season promises an enchanting palette of experiences.

March Events 2024

Spring has arrived, and the days are getting longer, so there is more time to enjoy events around London. There is plenty to see and immerse yourself in.