Brighton from above with British Airways i360

If you want amazing views of  Brighton and not scared of heights then this is for you. Its like taking a balloon ride as you slowly rise some 138m up the iconic tower built by British Airways in Brighton and Hove.

Going up

Once you have your ticket and go through security which is like in an airport, you then await the arrival of the glass pod which slowly moves up from the ground beneath you. The pod is all space age like and reminds me of one of those futuristic films as the cabin door opens and you are greeted by a hostess.

The pod is all gleaming with shinny metal and glass, it’s 18 meters wide and 10 times the size of the London Eye capsule. Once everyone has embarked the doors close and the voice across the tannoy lets you know that your journey is about to commence. You hardly know you are moving at first as the pod glides slowly up the tower, with the beach starting to disappear beneath your feet.


The rain started to fall as we got half way up, the British summer has certainly changed for the worse these last few weeks. Inside the pod there are screens showing you information about the trip and there is also a bar where you can grab a glass of champagne.

I360 was finished in 2016 and opened on the 4th August of the same year. The tower is the tallest moving observing platform in the world. There are impressive 360 degree views of the surrounding area of Brighton over 20 miles on a clear day can be seen looking towards the south downs and the rest of Brighton.

Panoramic of the BA i360

A different perspective is had up here with the views of the old pier and the current one come into view. Even with the pouring rain it doesn’t obstruct your view that much as the rain drops create a sheen look on the glass.

After about 10 to 15 minutes we arrive at the maximum height of  138m we stay at the top for a while before the descent starts. The tower is impressive and was built in sections in Holland and shipped over to Brighton where it was assembled. It was built from the top down and hoisted up by one of Europe’s biggest cranes.

The architect who designed it was Marks Barfield Architects who also built the London eye. Our journey slowly comes to an end as we come back down to the ground slipping beneath it where the exits are. Once you disembark you arrive in the shop where you can buy souvenirs and also there is an exhibition on how the tower was built.

There are a lot of variety of products for everyone’s price point. There is even a cafe / restaurant which is also open to the public so you can visit there without having to go up the tower.

Getting there

With easy & quick access from London, Brighton station is a short 15 minute walk. Once you come out of the station you head down the main street right in front of you and you will easily get there. There are also a few busses that go to the beach.

What else to do in Brighton

There are plenty of places to see around the town if you don’t want to sit on the beach. From the old pier with its many shops, the restored pavilion, the many museums. A more comprehensive blog will be coming in the next few months. Sign up to my newsletter for me to let you know when it is published.

The experience is highly recommended and it should be on your list of places to visit when coming to Brighton, you can find out more information on the links below. Also more of my photographs can be found on Flickr & Instagram.

BA I360 –
Flickr – httpss://
Instagram – httpss://


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