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Weather in March 2021

After the cold of February, March was a slow burner, it got warmer. Easterly winds from the continent resulted in a cool start to the month in the UK. It ended up with a pulse of warm air from Africa. This enabled the 2nd highest temperature recorded in the UK during March at Kew Gardens….

Weather In March 2020

It was a month of 2 halves as the rain relented bringing an end to the deluge which started in September last year! The continuous low-pressure systems which crossed the Atlantic slowed down as the difference between the polar and Atlantic regions abated. This temperature difference shows up in the AO (Atlantic Oscillation) it fuels…

Donald Trump March – London 2018

On a hot, sunny, summers day over 200,000 people descended on London to protest against Donald Trump. One of the most divisive American presidents in history brought out the protesters to say why he shouldn’t be allowed to visit the country. From Portland place to Trafalgar Square they marched, filling the streets. Young and old,…

2015 a year in Photos – Part 1 of 3

It’s been a busy year again of taking photographs across the South of England. This was the first year for a very long-time that I stayed in the UK for holidays visiting the wonderful seaside town of Bournemouth.  Over 19,000 photographs taken, 3 exhibitions / galleries, 1 shop selling my prints and I started to…

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