London Lumiere – Part 1

The Lumiere is London’s major new light festival over 4 evenings in January. Its aim is to transform some of the capitals iconic architecture and streets. Bringing in artists from around the world to amaze Londoners and tourists alike.

Part 1 of my blog is when I visited Kings Cross on the 14th January a very cold night. I spent the best part of 5 hours wondering around the amazing installations. So many people turned out and were wowed by the interesting artists work. Below are some of the photographs I took at the various installations and a bit about their work.

IFO (Identified Flying Object) by Jacques Rival

Discover a giant birdcage in Battle Bridge Place. This IFO (Identified Flying Object) is Jacques Rival’s spectacular installation. Standing at nine metres in height and magnificently lit in neon, it invites visitors to walk through its bars and enjoy the swing that’s in its centre.

Joining the dots by Cleary Connolly

A video installation inspired by Gunnar Johnsson exploring the motion of the body recreated in 13 moving points.

Light Graffiti by Floating Pictures

Be creative and take part in this interactive light projection using your smart phone light or they will hand your purpose made wands.

Binarywaves by LAB[AU]

Using infra-red sensors to capture the invisible flows of information that surround us from mobile phones, radios and cars, binary Waves transforms them into a unique display of light, sound and colour.

Circus of Light by Ocubo

Ocubo invite you inside their giant big top for an extraordinary show which will be projected on the side of the Granary Building. Featuring acrobats, jugglers, dancers and performers, a magical animated world of music and mayhem will descend on Granary square.

Litre of Light by

Nick Stephenson, central Saint Martins students & Myshelter foundation

Impressive lights using leds and recycled bottles. It shows the way simple technology can be used for sustainable lighting solutions for communities across the world.

Spectra-3 by

Spectra-3 is a living, sensing and moving light sculpture, attempting to connect with the people around it – and with something far, far out there.

Diver by Ron Haselden

Watch as an illuminated figure appears to plunge into the water of the King’s Cross Pond Club, 17m below, with an enormous splash.

Dresses – Tae Gon Kim

Made from fibre-optic LEDs, the ghostly silhouette of each dress changes colour over time.

The rest of Lumiere in the West end and Mayfair plus Canary Wharf will be shown in part 2 & 3 of this blog. If you have a chance to visit the festival of light make sure you do as it ends on Sunday 17th January.

The rest of my photographs can be found on Flickr & Instagram the links are below.




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