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Excellent evening at the Design on Britain exhibition in the London Jewish Museum. The theme of the exhibition is about the Jewish immigrants, who came to Britain during the war years escaping the Nazis. Their contribution to British design and all the wonderful posters and corporate identity that rebuilt Britain after the war.
Most of the work has been lent from other museums around the country, only two of the designers are still alive, one of whom was Tom Karen. Unfortunately he didn’t make it on the night as he was going to give a talk. Hopefully we will be able to catch him again in a months time.

Inside the museum

Below I have listed the designers that are part of the exhibition. With a few photographs that I took on the night. Its definitely worth a visit to catch all the lovely designs. The exhibition runs until 31st March 2018. Many thanks for the invite from the museum, I will definitely be back for more exhibitions.

Amongst other designers, Dorrit Dekk, FHK Henrion and Hans Schleger. Berthold Wolpe, Tibor Reich, Stan Krol, Dorrit Dekk, Elizabeth Friedlander, Sir Misha Black, George Him, Jan Le Witt, Jackeline Greag, Hans Unger, Hans Schmoller, Arnold Rothholz, Romek Marber, Willy Majo, Manfred Weiss.

Tom Karen

Born in 1926 in Vienna, Tom came to Britain in 1942 after escaping with his parents from Nazi occupied Europe. He studied aeronautical engineering and became one of the well known British Industrial Designers. He became famous for his Bond Bug cars with its distinct orange colour, he oversaw the design of the Bush Radio, the Raleigh bike including Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder for the Star Wars films.

Tom Karen – Iconic British designer

Photographs of the exhibition

These photographs are from the exhibition but Tom Karen wasn’t able to make it on the day, but he came back another time together with some Bond bugs the iconic car he invented in the 1970s.

Bond bug logo

Tom Karen the inventor of the Bond Bug in the 70s.

Wheel hub of the iconic Bond Bug

Tom Karen being interviewed, he also invented the Raleigh bike behind him

More photographs can be found on the links below, if you went you can leave a comment below.

How to get there?

This was my first visit to the museum, I never even knew it was in Camden but it is a short walk from Camden Town underground station, less than 5 minutes. There are always new exhibitions at the museum every few months, check it out.


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