London Fashion Week Portraits – September 2019

It was London Fashion Week from September 13th to 17th 2019, one of the great things about the week for a photographer is that there are plenty of opportunities to take portraits of people. From the models who go to the events to the people in the audience. Most of them don’t mind their photo being taken, so if you are apprehensive of taking street photography then this is the place to try it out.

The shots below are of people I met either on the Strand or at Bloomsbury House, I also did some of the fashions shows and these will be shown in separate blog posts in the next couple of weeks.

Lots more photographs can be found on my Flickr with the link below.

Fashion Portraits

London Fashion Week Portraits
@miss_swirl – Model, Actress & Singer. I took a few shots of her, I love her expressive face.
@teodoramancheva – Creator of the Look Builder. One of the best portraits I took on the day,  I love her pose.
A fashionista at Bloomsbury Gardens, this young lady was taking a picture of her friend in the gardens.
@preciousmatare – Style is her language with friends
London Fashion Week Portraits
@jaquecardosob – Fashion Model
London Fashion Week Portraits
@preciousmatare – Style is her language. Certainly one of the most stylish at London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week Portraits
@bwoywonder – Creative Director & Lego lover. Knife Crime is NOT In Fashion, clothes by Mandem Clothing
London Fashion Week Portraits
@laurenhulton – Design & Fashion
London Fashion Week Portraits
@addai_eye_ – Streetstyle fashion photographer.
London Fashion Week Portraits
@girlimusic – Musician, making new songs. Check out her new album.

London Fashion Week Portraits London Fashion Week Portraits London Fashion Week PortraitsLondon Fashion Week Portraits

Lots more London Fashion week photographs can be found on the Flickr link below.


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