July 2013 – Weather Statistics for Watford UK


What a difference a month makes!! Summer arrived in July bringing the first above average month of the year. It was the 5th warmest July since records began. The highest temperature for the month in the UK went to Heathrow & Northolt with 33.5c the warmest since 2006.


The month ended at over 2.5c above it has also been noteworthy for how dry it has been. Here in Watford we had 20 continuous days of no rainfall (see stats below). It hasn’t been extremely hot but the nighttime temperatures have been quite high. There have been numerous big thunderstorms across the country but we have missed them here in Watford hence our relatively low rainfall amount. Most of the rain fell in the last 2 days in the form of showers.

Looking onwards into the rest of August it isn’t looking great on the latest computer models. It will still be warm but the jet stream will slip lower down to below the UK. This will mean there is a big chance of cooler periods. The SE of the UK should fare best with summer hanging on.

The weather information below come from my weather station in Watford.

July Statistics for Watford

Temperature (°C):

Highest Temperature 33.3 °C 16:02 on 22 July
Lowest Temperature 10.6 °C 05:38 on 12 July
Warmest Night                  20.0c      05:22 on 22 July

Mean (min+max)   20.7
Mean Minimum     14.3
Mean Maximum     27.0

Minimum          10.6 day 11
Maximum          33.3 day 22
Highest Minimum  20.0 day 22
Lowest Maximum   16.6 day 02

Over 30c     8 days
Over 25c     22 days

Rainfall (mm):

Total for month  29.7
Wettest day      10.2 day 29
High rain rate   54.0 day 29
Rain days        7
Dry days         23

Wind (mph):

Highest Gust     13.0 day 28
Average Speed    0.2
Wind Run         110.6 miles

Pressure (mb):

Maximum          1021.8 day 07
Minimum          996.0 day 02


The CET for the UK came out at 18.6c which as mentioned before makes July the 5th warmest.


More summer pics can be found on my Flickr account here https://www.flickr.com/photos/alalchan/ 

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