Flash mob with Pierre Garroudi

The flamboyant fashion design Pierre Garroudi has started back his flash mobs across London in August and has continued them into December. Crisscrossing all over central London with a different location and designs each week. Merging art with fashion his designs have been worn by some of the famous style icons from Naomi Campbell to Scarlet Johansson.

Who is Pierre Garroudi?

Pierre was born in Iran and has lived in many places around the world. His career started by studying in Paris and working as a hairdresser. He then moved to New York where he went to the Fashion Institute of Technology after working at various design houses In 1993 he started his brand under his name.

He was inspired to do the flash mobs because there was nothing out there in terms of fashion during COVID19 and its impossible to hire space for a fashion show.

Pierre Garroudi – Fashion Designer

Below are some of my favourite shots that I have taken during five of his flash mobs this year. Well done to Pierre for organising them every week since the summer and the models each week who have to deal with the British weather whatever it throws at them. More photos can be seen on the Flickr link below. The collections he shows depends on the weather.

August – Piccadilly Circus

This was the first flash mob that I went to in 2020 after being locked down for 6 months. It was excellent to get back out taking photos again at events in London. I think this was my first time back in central London since March and it was good to meet up with fellow photographers some of whom are friends. There were 3 models who are listed below and the makeup artists, @merian_prisi_make_up.

Models : @rosie.minako | @leyre__gomez | @chrostaa

Burlington Arcade
Having a rest at the Royal Academy of Arts

September – Oxford Circus

From Oxford Circus to Mayfair with 8 models, makeup was by @merian_prisi_make_up @makeup_and_beauty_jo @rose_violets_mua

Models : @lauritasupermodel | @rossciani | @simone_crystal.model | @stevierossermua | @viva_avii | @i_am_lerry | @luckykuroe | @keepitrill

Water feature in Mayfair
red is the colour
Posing in front of shops on the way to Mayfair
Coach & Horses one of the many pubs shut

September – Piccadilly Circus

From Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square via Leicester Square the weekly flash mob. Makeup from @rose_violets_mua @make_and_beauty_jo @krish.makeover @magdammua @maripiiramakeup also nails by @rose_violets_mua the models are listed below.

Models : @iiamsaf | @charbracher96 | @_petite_mannequin | @nanni_jayne | @chrostaa | @aiyanaramseyuk | @bialamatalia333 | @santiagojoaquin

TGI Fridays posing
Flash mob in Trafalgar Square
Flash mob in Trafalgar Square
Leicester Square in the late summer sunshine

December – Knightsbridge

From Knightsbidge along Sloane Street towards Sloane Square. Makeup by @makeup_and_beauty_jo @hair_makeup_by_jacy @zee_makeup_hair
@imperialartistryunlimited with the models listed below.

Models : @_ericabishop | @erinlxoxo | @elina.popescu | @siborafisniku1
@merilintoomra | @imperialartistryunlimited | @karapbennett | @saffyiadalencia | @anna_helenam7

Sloane Street
Posing at some of the shops along Sloane Street
flash mob along Sloan Street
flash mob along Sloan Street

December – Piccadilly Circus

From Piccadilly Circus to Trafalgar Square the flash mob took place in wintry sunshine of London. Makeup was by @zee_makeup_hair and the 7 models are listed below.

Models : @lauritasupermodel | @khoranuk | @alessia.ilie | @antucarbo
@merilintoomra | @saffyiadalencia | @snap_mylife23

posing on the steps
Shaftsbury Avenue, theatre
Trafalgar Square, waiting for a bus
Pierre’s hat designs

December – Oxford Circus

Dodging the showers the flash mob took place from Oxford Circus to Mayfair with 6 models, their amazing makeup was done by @zee_makeup_hair @hair_makeup_by_jacy @makeup_and_beauty_jo I have listed the models below.

Models : @mialouise_model | @elina.popesecu | @lauritasupermodel | @stelldrakakiss | @melissaluke | @photographyfrancoise

Flash-mob live poster
Always got to have a car at the flashmob
Annabel’s in Mayfair
Last stop Mayfair

Thanks for reading my blog, feel free to check out more of the photos on the links below.


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