Christina Broom photography exhibition


If you are interested in photography then this is a must see. Christina is one of the pioneers of photography as a business.


She started taking photographs in the early 20th century and sold them as postcards. Her subjects were of London and it’s people. Whether they were the suffragettes, soldiers, royal family or just ordinary folks.


Most of the photographs she took used a box camera that Kodak sold in 1880’s. She also mostly used glass plates instead of film for the negatives.


Christina Broom started off her photography life after other failed businesses. She taught herself photography and then started selling postcards of her photos. Selling them at a stall in the Royal mews at Buckingham palace between 1904 till 1930.

The postcards sold well and she later became the official photographer of the Household Division a military unit. From 1904 to 1939.


An exhibition at the Docklands museum displayed some of the photographs that Christina Broom took.

She is thought to be the first woman photo journalist.


Most of the photographs are black and white of street scenes around London.

If you would like to know more check out the links below. Plus I have uploaded more photographs on Flickr & Instagram.

The exhibition is open till November 2015. Many thanks to the Docklands museum & Igerslondon for the invite.


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Instagram –
Docklands Museum –

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August 15, 2015
September 10, 2015



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