Beachy Head Lighthouse charity walk

It was a cool summers day as we went on a charity walk down to Beachy Head lighthouse.  With a distance of around 2 miles, walking down the steep cliffs and boulders it was a long trek along the difficult terrain towards the lighthouse. It takes around 2 hours to walk there, so good walking boots are needed, due to the slippery rocks, rock pools. Plus you have to be careful going too close to the cliffs as they might crumble around you.

Crumbling coast line

Usually its not possible to get to the light house along the coast due to the tides, but in mid August there is the longest tide of the year. This enables people to get there and back before the tide returns.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

The Beachy head lighthouse is still working but automated, it was built in the early 1900’s and became operational in 1902. The lighthouse is 43m tall and around 165m away from the base of the cliffs. Five years ago, Trinity House who owns the lighthouse decided not to paint the lighthouse anymore. Thus began the charity walk to the lighthouse raising money to paint it in the iconic red and white. The walk has been going for 5 years and has raised enough money for the paint work, so now some of the money is used for the local charities organised by Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM. Find out more on their website (link below).

The lamp still runs each night but isn’t as bright as it used to be or needs to be, because of the latest technology with GPS that ships have.


Below are some of the photographs I took on the day, you can find more on Flickr and on Instagram, feel free to comment below if you went on the walk.

Charity walk towards the lighthouse
Beachy Head beach rock pools
Walkers scrambling over rocks towards the lighthouse
slippery rocks
Selfie on the beach
Lighthouse lamp
Chalk cliffs

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