project Preface
What controls it?

There are three pieces of software that were written.

1. For accessing the data from the METDEC board through the serial port and saving it, this will be written in C.

2. An Assembly language program is written for the Micro-controller in Intel's 8052 assembly language.

3. When testing out the METDEC board to see if it works a program is written in C to output the information from the serial port to the screen.

All of these are explained in greater detail.
C Program for testing serial port

This is for the PC, all the program does is transfer the information from the serial port and display this onto the screen. A flow chart of how the program performs is shown below.The program listing is shown in the Appendix. It sends characters from the computer and also receives characters from the METDEC board.

Another C program was to be written, for the Amiga computer. This would interact with the Assembly language program. When it is run it would be looking for the code saying that the board is working, coming from the serial port sent from the METDEC. When it receives it, an acknowledgement will be sent back this will tell the METDEC board to send the data contents of the memory. It will only ask for the contents at a specific time when a weeks data has been collected. It will only know this from the counter which will be counting the days.
PDIP Pinout Diagram
Flow Chart
A state diagram below shows the interaction of the assembly language program and the C program.

PDIP Pinout Diagram
METDEC Interface
PDIP Pinout Diagram
METDEC Interface

S1 - Waiting for METDEC code
S1 - Send Code
S2 - Send Acknowledgement S2 - Receive Acknowledgement
S3 - Receive Data
S3 - Send Real-time data
S4 - Data stored
S4 - Send memory contents
  S5 - Memory contents finished
Project was completed in June 1995

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