project Preface
Why did I choose this project?

For the last 5 years (1995), I have been recording weather data for instance temperature and rainfall from various instruments, where I live in Watford. At first these were recorded from non-electronic devices, a standard rain measuring tube and a minimum and maximum mercury thermometer. This was not a very practical way of recording the data, as it was a bit of a hassle to go outside in extreme weather conditions to read these measurements. It was also not very accurate especially the rainfall, due to evaporation etc.
During the first year of recording the data, I decided to invest in some electronic instruments that had memory. This I did at first with a temperature module which recorded the minimum and maximum temperature. It had an external temperature sensor so the data could be read indoors which was much better. I soon got rid of the rain measuring tube and bought a Swedish electronic rain gauge which had a display indoors. This has been operating for the last three years.
The problem still remained that someone had to read the data on the instruments and reset them. I needed a device which could do this automatically, this developed into my Electronic & Electrical degree's, final year project. The product needs to be able to store a certain period of data and then send the data to my Amiga Computer, it should also be able to easily transferable to a PC compatible. The specification or the design criteria that the project should up hold to is set out on the next page.
When I gather the information it is transferred to a spread sheet on my computer where the different readings are added together to produce statistics for the month. For instance the amount of rainfall, this is compared to the Met Office's 15 year average for the Watford area. The system is going to be a stand alone device meaning that it should operate on it's own for long periods of time.
Project was completed in June 1995

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