project Preface
What should it do?
Design Criteria

The specification needs to be followed in the design. To have a device independent of the computer a micro-processor based system needs to be considered. There are various 8 bit processors on the market, the Motorola 68000 was looked at. Due to the cost of additional devices like input and output controllers, EPROM etc. and obtaining the correct down-loading software. This was rejected. 8 bit processors were chosen because they are cheaper than, 16 and 32 bit memory devices which are very expensive. A micro-controller was looked at because it had all the various components built in it. For instance the ROM and serial controller, this brings the cost down and also the size of the circuit board. The micro- controller being used is the Amtel 89C52, based on Intel`s 8052 design.

Proposed Operation

The data from the rain gauge and temperature module is only considered in the project. The data comes from these devices and goes into the micro-controller. The micro-controller has a timer and will read the data at regular intervals this is then stored against time. This will continue for a week then the data will be transferred to the computer. If a computer is attached constantly, the real-time data will be sent to the computer.

Data Collection

The two devices to be connected are the rain gauge and the temperature module. Data from the temperature module is transmitted either at intervals of 1 second or 10 seconds. The rain gauge transmits when ever the rain falls. The basic operation of these modules are described in the Weather Device section.
The project is divided up into three distinct areas...

1. Hardware includes......
  • Interface Printed Circuit Board
  • Micro-controller programmer Printed Circuit Board
  • Weather device Printed Circuit Board
  • Enclosure for Printed Circuit Boards
2. Software includes......
  • C program for serial port
  • Assembler for Micro-controller
  • C program for Amiga
3. Multimedia includes....
  • Designing Interface
  • Presenting weather Data
  • Presenting weather Information
Project was completed in June 1995

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